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The Ministry of Health issued special requirements for illegal and non food additives 2019-07-10 15:34:34The Ministry of Health issued against the law to add non food substances and other special requirements, Beijing, March 9th, according to the news website of the Ministry of health, the Ministry of Health recently released the "national strike illegal to add non food substances and the abuse of food additives special rectification requirements and the focus of recent work", according to the problems of the first stage of the localities and departments special rectification work found and put forward the focus of recent work and requirements. "National crackdown on illegal addition of non food substances and abuse of food additives, special rectification, recent work priorities and requirements", 1. Key points of work, (1) food additives. 1. production links, (1) the formulation of composite food additives does not conform to the provisions of the hygienic administration of food additives. (2) the act of illegally producing food additives without permission. (3) illegal acts of adding non - food substances to food additives. (4) labeling of food additives products does not conform to the relevant regulations. 2. circulation, (1) selling food additives illegally produced illegally and food additives illegally added to non food substances. (2) the sales label identifies the food additives that do not conform to the relevant regulations. (two) milk and dairy products. 1., add leather hydrolysate, melamine, beta lactamase (hydrolysis agent), sodium thiocyanate and other non food substances and abuse of thickening agents, flavors, colorants and other illegal activities. 2.. Adding raw food additives or additives without approval. (three) the production of flour products, starch products and beans products. Add, bromate, borax, formaldehyde and other non food substances and the abuse of benzoyl peroxide, titanium dioxide, bleach (sulfur), leavening agent (potassium aluminum sulfate, aluminum ammonium sulfate) illegal food additives etc.. (four) meat and meat products production. The illegal activities such as industrial dyes, boric acid, borax and other non food substances and abuse of color protection agents (nitrates, nitrites), water retention agents, colorants, preservatives and other food additives are added. (five) liquor production. 1., adding non food substances and abuse of essence, coloring agents and other food additives illegal activities. 2.. Add imported food additives that are not approved for use. (six) aquatic products processing and circulation. 1., the use of formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda and water treatment products and excessive use of phosphate, sulfite (sulfur dioxide) violations. 2.. Illegal use of prohibited substances (such as malachite green, antibiotics, fish float) during the transportation and storage of aquatic products. (seven) condiment production. 1.. Illegal use of industrial glacial acetic acid in vinegar. 2., soy sauce, sauce, vinegar and other spices in the abuse of preservatives illegal activities. (eight) catering, food processing. 1., in the use of Hot pot poppy and illegal processing yellow blood tofu and duck intestine Hot pot materials with formaldehyde. 2. illegal cooking of dishes cooked with cooking oil. 3.. Illegal use of food additives in freshly squeezed juices. Two, work requirements, (I) raise awareness, strengthen leadership, and make full efforts to promote special rectification work. all localities and departments should further raise awareness, unity of thinking, strengthen leadership, conscientiously perform their duties in accordance with the special rectification program and the focus of recent work and requirements, go all out to promote the rectification stage of work. All relevant departments should further strengthen the work of guidance and help, analyze the situation and problems, to promote the exchange of experience and good practice, the effect of supervision and inspection and rectification in accordance with the rectification of key steps, each area to carry out remediation work of the assessment and acceptance, to promote the special rectification rectification stage of the work to develop in depth. (two), sort out the problem, timely rectification, continue to pay close attention to self correction. According to the schedule, follow the principles of quality, the first phase of the task is not completed and the enterprise self correction is not the end of the region, based on careful completion of special rectification program, with the focus of recent work and continue to do the first stage of self-examination and rectification work. The enterprise should be self correction examination results of a written report submitted to the local special rectification leading group, all relevant departments should carry out supervision and inspection on enterprises self correction. Each region should further comb found in the first stage work problems and problems, in-depth analysis of deep-seated reasons behind the problem, in accordance with the rectification and regulation and construction ideas, carefully clean up and standardize the licensing of food additives, to further improve the regulatory system. At the same time, according to food production, circulation and consumption problems of illegal to add non food substances and the abuse of food additives, formulate a comprehensive clean-up measures and rectification, and gradually improve the hygiene standards for use of food additives and testing methods, standards, implement the plan. (three) stress the key points, track down the source, and carry out the rectification work in depth. In accordance with the tasks, measures and requirements at the second stage, we should focus on the improvement of food categories with a large consumption, a wide range of influence and a more prominent problem. In accordance with the recent priorities and requirements, to determine the key areas of the region and key remediation products, according to the first phase of the clues, tracking, trace, check in the end. We should concentrate on the strength of various departments, pay close attention to the investigation and handling of major cases and typical cases, and timely report to the national leading group for special rectification. Enterprises that have not corrected the problem should be exposed to the intentional manufacture, sale and use of illegal food additives

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