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New Zealand revised third maximum residue limit for agrochemicals (2008 food standards) 2019-07-10 11:34:33Maximum residue limits of New Zealand third revision of agricultural chemicals (2008, March 23, 2009, food standards), and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) issued No. G/SPS/N/NZL/420 bulletin, intends to modify the maximum residue limits of agricultural compounds. The draft is related to the 2008 New Zealand Food Standards of the third amendment, its contents are as follows: NZFSA intends to increase in the standard in the following new MRLs: #61472; #8226; kiwi: boscalid (Boscalid):0.1 mg/kg; #8226; drupe: boscalid (Boscalid):0.05 mg/kg; #8226; cabbage and tomato: carbaryl (carbaryl) the limit is 3 mg/kg, to replace the original vegetable in carbaryl (carbaryl) 3 mg/kg maximum residue limits; #8226; onion bulbs: (Cyprodinil):0.01 mg/kg Cyprodinil; #8226; grain: fenitrothion (Fenitrothion): 0.5 mg/kg, to replace the unprocessed fenitrothion (Fenitrothion):10 Valley: mg/kg; #8226; onion bulbs fludioxonil: (Fludioxonil):0.01 mg/kg; #8226; berries and other small fruits and fruit vegetables (not including gourd): Do-win (Methomyl):0.5 mg/kg, and other small fruits and berries instead of fruit Vegetables (not including gourd):0.3 mg/kg; #61600; #8226; olive fruit: propiconazol (Propiconazole):0.01 mg/kg; #61600; #8226; kiwi and stone: pyraclostrobin (Pyraclostrobin):0.02 mg/kg; #61600; #8226; cucumber: pyriproxyfen (pyriproxyfen):0.1 mg/kg; #61600; #8226; tomato: imidacloprid diisopropyl ether (pyriproxyfen):1 mg/kg; #8226; sheep fat: spinosad (Spinosad):2 mg/kg, replacing sheep fat: 0.2 mg/kg; and #8226; sheep kidney and liver: spinosad (Spinosad):0.5 mg/kg, replacing sheep kidney and liver: 0.05 mg/kg. NZFSA intends to delete the standard in the following MRLs: #8226; three bis triazole alcohol (Bitertanol), famphur (famphur) and methyl parathion (parathion-methyl) MRLs and #8226; endosulfan; (endosulfan) MRLs.#8226; NZFSA intends to increase the standard from following MRL: #61600; #8226; when benzalkonium chloride (Benzalkonium chloride) used as fungicide and olive fruit of kiwifruit; #61600; #61600; #61600; #61472; #8226; when the boric acid (Boric acid) with the fungicide treatment wound; #8226; when iron - ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Iron-EDTA) as molluscicide compounds; #8226; when iron phosphate (Iron Phosphate) used as a molluscicide; and #8226 salicylic acid (Salicylic acid); when used for fruit. The notification is to be approved on May 25, 2009, the date of publication is May 29, 2009, the proposed effective date is June 26, 2009. The deadline for notification of the review is May 11, 2009. For more information, please refer to:

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