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The EU food code incorporates new dietary supplements 2019-07-10 09:34:32The Codex adopts a new dietary supplement, July 6, 2009, regulations, according to the NUTRAINGREDIENTS news website, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) approved new food supplements regulations, including the implementation of the recommendations of the declaration of health. The provisions of the present supplement has become an official code of standards and guidelines, including the realization of scientific statement of health recommendations; nutritional risk analysis principles; rules of Arabia rubber; definition and catalog of dietary fiber; 8 kinds of edible pigment used in food supplements. To realize the scientific, health declaration adopted recommendations considering all available scientific data to achieve the balance and health claims to achieve scientific health claims, and past health claims relevant Codex general principles contain only the statement and definition of error by statement types may have to be banned. In addition, the new principles of nutritional risk analysis provide a firm framework for the application of risk assessment methods for the use of vitamins, minerals and other substances in food supplements in the future food codex. The Codex Alimentarius Commission also approved the limit of 10 mg / kg for Arabia gum. In addition, 8 kinds of edible pigments adopted in food supplement are: alluring red, caramel color, carotenoid, chlorophyll copper complex, solid green, grape peel extract, indigo and ferric oxide. About the definition of fiber, the new regulations, put forward the definition and contents of dietary fiber, the distinction between the three kinds of carbohydrate polymers, and provides the statement "provisions of nutritional dietary fiber source" statement and "high dietary fiber" conditions. Source: WTO inspection and quarantine information network. Author: issue time: 2009-07-09,

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