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International Organization for standardization dealing with consumer recalls 2019-07-10 07:34:32The international organization for standardization processing, product recall, and in June 25, 2009, according to ENGINEERS news, the international standards organization (ISO) is developing a standard for consumer product recall procedures, provide a code of conduct for the establishment, implementation and management including corrective action. The Canadian Standards Association enterprise audit and investigation officer Doug Geralde said the market oriented product recall international standards will help protect consumers to avoid the defective products caused death, injury and financial damage, but also help enterprises to save time and money, and reduce legal risks associated. The standard ISO/PC 240 will help organizations to plan and implement the recall has the following defects in the design of products, such as manufacturing defects or lack of warning signs or instructions, regardless of whether the product is still in the list of manufacturers or distributors of sales or retail shelves or consumers. In addition, standards provide corrective actions such as maintenance, placement, repurchase and public notification, which help to reduce legal risks and improve customer satisfaction. The operation of ISO/PC 240 will also apply to consumer goods including power and natural gas appliances. The standards are expected to benefit manufacturers, retailers, importers, testing institutions, third party recycling providers, law firms, government regulators and consumers / security organizations. Source: WTO inspection and quarantine information network,

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