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Black pot canned food 2017-08-14 00:44:58How much is the cat's overhead? - how much is the cat's cat's cat? 5382679681 52 Murphy Feng Schrodinger's meow \Paid 800 physical examination and de-worming costs. From the snacks desire six kinds of fish, eager to chicken and red meat mixed to eat, do not eat canned. Most of the time to eat cat food, the monthly cat food about 280. Like to eat our food, vegetables, rice bread, pig fish like to eat, no resistance to the sweets. Every time you eat at home it is the first taste, eat enough to find a place to sleep. Do not meet on the table lying on the table watching you. Cat litter with cat litter and crystal cat litter, more money, 50 per month Cat litter basin. New Year is not at home to buy the automatic feeding feeders, 60. Before the cat with the neighbors to send. Every month to love the insects once, 86. Playing cat triple there are nothing more than 500 mess. Small toy cat scratch board, cat grass, wood days Polygonum sticks total less than 200. There is no birth control, see pet shop charges about 700-800. Count down 400-500 per month. From July 16 to now 17 years in March spent about 4500. In addition, in order to clean the cat hair, just bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the cat is really expensive ah. Attached to this fake silver silly fool. Edit in 2017-03-065145 Lee fight halogen shovel feces official, free people 35 home two cat, coordinates Shenzhen -------------------- 1. Cat food due to import now Cat food out of stock reasons, a treasure on the price is very expensive, so they go to Hong Kong back cane canned. A pack of Viluosi cat food 200RMB (including toll costs ...), eat about a month or less less than. Can directly buy a treasure, then a month about 150 (small cans, and not every day to eat). If the economic conditions, then you can buy some high-end natural food, such as now, Ling mining a class, the current price now is 8 pounds 450RMB, a cat can eat more than two months it (before my family only a cat Eat now, helpless now too expensive ...) 2 cat litter my family has been using the crystal cat litter, both the master is so good the situation so the crystal sand without pressure. One month with eight bags or so, the cost of less than 100.3. Vaccine deworming the first injection of the vaccine, then the two needle triple spend 180, and then every year to play a needle on the line. I was once every three months to give them a big love and blessing deer insects (because not out of the house is also very clean so I personally do not need to once a month ...), Fulaine single about 30, big love a treasure A box (three) around 140, of course, if not assured is not genuine can go to the pet hospital to buy, but very expensive, before the pet hospital bought a big favor, one is 98 I remember ......... 4. Nutrition and so on because I am relatively lazy so cat every time the cat failed, the family is the master of the long hair, so the cream is essential. A hair cream 80RMB (also come back to Hong Kong, a treasure should also have, brand called TROY, smell a little sweet master also love to eat), and then what burst artifact ah, cleaning toothpaste ah, wash ear water ah , Cat with lysine ah seven seven eight of the add up to about 400 a little more. 5. daily life entertainment supplies cat climbing, then only spent 150, also 包邮, buy back has been used now, the quality is very good, that is, regret did not buy light, and now clean up the cat hair clear to cry. All kinds of tease sticks, cat mint toys, tumbler, etc., add up before and after spending more than a hundred (because canned or cat sand sand dispensers will send a small toy so it will not specifically buy a lot) The 6. Other supplies ceramic cat bowl personally think it is necessary, a treasure also twenty-three, good quality and beautiful look. Automatic drinking fountains is also a good thing, have to say for the automatic drinking fountains after the master drink a lot of water is to remember that regular cleaning, a treasure to buy about 100 early, of course, there are three hundred or more good, Look at personal choice On the sterilization, then my big cat was spent 400 (male cat), the cat will be much more expensive. -------------------- The above is only my family most of the cost of the owner, for reference only. Because the individual economic conditions are different, I just want to say is the scientific ability to kill the line it ~ like a cat like their own ah what is very good, but I am really too lazy, up to usually cook some chicken breast Ah what to give them'_gt; 'In addition, the vacuum cleaner and sticky wool bar is really necessary, really. You can know, looking at the sky cat hair, sitting on the bed less than a minute black pants white pants, no one clothes can escape the fate of the cat hair, the heart is how many million mud horse ran it! The The Cherish life, away from the cat hair ... the last offer two stupid photos, brother called Lucky, the second brother called Zai Zai. Hope you look at a lot of care can give a little praise ~ do kneel hands to knock on the editor in the 2015-05-213517 users 17 just forget, Taobao to buy things to spend 3191. Vacuum big 5-pin, triple plus Two-pin toxoplasma, 500. Sterilization hanging drip 1300. Also in the pet hospital bought medicine, ear mite water 200 or so. Other in the supermarket to buy the cat supplies must have 300, even 300 Well! Cats for 8 months! Total 5491. The average 686.375 yuan! Some other I do not remember the cost, certainly there are about 700 months a month. Cat food eat NOW, GO, Fumo, Ling mining. Not willing to eat eager! Cat pots eaten German treasure, sheba, black pot, snow-capped mountains, the Japanese fishing and so on. Basic in more than 7 of the Chun Bao, sheba, fishing. Cats love to eat. 4-5 pieces of her do not eat, do not eat a lot of good! The best fishing is the best meat! recommend! Fish or something, are eating more than 20 pounds of live fish! What other chicken eat. Previously with Jieshan, purple lava and other cat litter, 25 / 10L or so! Feel too smelly, directly to the big cut, 90 fast 7L, really expensive! Cat climbing what are there, toys to buy less, because there are small partners! I also have a cat with a cat! In short, 700 a month or so, the cat is also the overall line, things are not bad! But certainly not good! Two days ago and bought a cat, ha ha, my poor money ah! Yo dear sweet little little small eight, two babies, love them! Posted at 2014-10-131720 Zhang Xiaobei video late / gamers 25 do not say anything, because hair loss is too powerful, this year I bought a 3000 vacuum cleaner. 2015-11-132510 Cheng Wenting suit, leather, teapot, line and cat, cheongsam enthusiasts more than 21 map warning I was the standard of the poor first to a full closed cat sand pot it 50-90 yuan closed large cat with sneezing Possibly, it is recommended not to use bentonite with large cat litter The following will be introduced as a shovel feces official must not break the shovel as a shovel feces official must not break the shovel cat food basin 25 less than stainless steel small bowl plus plastic base cat Food basin 25 less than stainless steel small bowl plus plastic base second full deworming child intestinal insects clear 25 a box? Left and right in vitro insecticide Ning 1.5-10 yuan a third kitten more money to spend the United States Baker on the first paragraph of a cat milk powder 139 yuan 400 grams of teeth after the nutrition support Ai Xi Ya cat canned food 7-15 yuan 40 grams of my family nest five No mother cat case to two months to eat 1200 grams of milk powder there are urine pad 20 yuan 100 pieces of warm baby 20 yuan or 80 sets of electric heating bag 12 包邮 one I bought three unlimited carton fourth adolescent sterilization four Month when the two mothers of Shanghai, a flower 1000 seems to meow the greatest cost of the fifth vaccination to play the 4 of the rich Road, a good needle 40? Own online to buy their own fight. At this time I sent three hands left two, spent less than 300? During the stray cat was bitten ... ... seriously injured ... ... rabies vaccine hit 500 yuan ... ... did not fight the immune protein ... ... if you have a cat ~ recommended and stray cats keep the distance when I sent three hands left two , Spent less than 300? During the strayed cat bitten ... ... seriously injured ... ... rabies vaccine hit 500 yuan ... ... did not fight the immune protein ... ... if you own a cat ~ recommended and stray cats to keep the distance from the sixth cat sand bentonite 10 yuan 20 pounds Easy cat asthma cats nose short green tea cat litter mixed with deodorant good dust less seventh food a child with a cat dad 22-18 pound of cat food plus Beijing Xi home homemade wet meat cat food 30 yuan 1000 grams 包邮 shop name wood Mushan tribe do not know his family is still selling inside 80 fresh meat mixed with carrot kelp a class of vacuum bag grow snacks squid Aberdeen 28 pound favorite ice bucket 4 yuan a pound chilled chicken breast now 9 yuan a pound of pigs Lung 9.9 a reluctantly eat duck leg 4 yuan a pound barely eat duck legs 4 yuan a pound do not love the saury 6 yuan a pound of fish accounted for fish 6 yuan a pound is not love to eat salmon broken 4 yuan a pound eighth insect repellent Immune in vitro big love or to Fuen normal January once a poor family did not insist on the body of the Bayer's poor also did not adhere to the ninth medical eyeWill not abandon him, regardless of pregnant children, regardless of the relocation wandering. Wait for things like others, see micro know. (づ ● ~ ~) ~ When you come home only one month old, super small, one hand will be able to hold the whole, may be due to premature weaning caused by immunization Force is not very good, when the time to trouble a burst of moss. At that time in the pet shop at first glance on him. The The Goose. The The The Now the bench adults, already became a landlord master. From the back and watermelon is no different Next month the bench can cut eggs, and now has been fat so that I let hin worry. The The Life is still busy, as the master of the master of the bench, as long as the day is responsible for selling Meng is enough. Edited in 2017-03-27612 pill pill slag cat breeder, microblogging [grass 薙 meow child] 7 invited to invite. My home to feed the raw flesh, to rabbit meat pigeon venison, the other kinds of meat are related to the internal organs. I am busy when replacing k9 with barf cans, supplemented with egg yolk without salt cheese goat cheese yogurt goat milk nutrition supplement powder and so on. The There is a cat before eating half a year before the peak of the whole can. The specific price did not count, more expensive bar. Cat litter with the color of Dr. Elsie. One month about 30 knife less, I did not count carefully. The Cat bowl must be on the map! Home now use this, knocking cute ah there are wood! Cat climbing cat bowl cat sand pot cat comb drinking fountains sterilization like a one-time investment In fact, I think can be ignored. The I owe the apartment because the pet pet deposit is more expensive, but the pet's monthly fee is okay. Physical examination, then a serious illness was born. The Touch me here is almost 58 knife each one. Comprehensive examination, according to the items to be checked, slightly expensive. Insurance is about 10 knives per month. ↑ actually cost I still have a few, but I do not say, ha ha. Let me draw my cat! Is it not to hit the mind? Edited at 2016-12-23710 Yang Zhe Shi outside 8 first: a line of purebred cat, plus sterilization vaccine, 10000 to 20,000 yuan. Formal breeding institutions of purebred cat's advantage is very obvious: good character, good character consistency, good tutor, bad habits less. Healthy cat food, such as almo nature's legend series: 600 RMB a month caking good, no dust cat litter, such as ever clean: 100 RMB two months cat tree toy comb scissors, etc., generally belong to one-time expenses, not said. Good living conditions can keep the cat alive, depending on the variety, a cat can live 10 to 20 years. With a favorite cat happy to live more than ten years is the most important. If you do not like the character of a cat, people and cats will not be happy. I was still a child ah 5 start with Wei Jia cat food, big hit to buy cat litter. The specific number do not remember, about 200 or so. Later changed to buy NOW no cereal kitten cat food, lovecat tofu sand, 426 or so. April to start with the use of royal cat food, cat litter or lovecat tofu sand, plus orijen and AK series canned, 1110 or so (1110 kilograms of food, half a year) to fight the vaccine in addition to mites, specifically do not remember , About 200 to 300. Sterilization surgery, 315. Ordinary cat, had the boss said with cat food, we insist on money, 10 yuan. Others, such as the owner's toilet, bedroom, cage, bedding; the owner's scratched hands and feet, neck, face; there are broken vases, broken flowers are not included. December 27, 2014 settled in my house, count 5 months, about the cost of 460 to 500 per month 2015-04-1558 Maoyi accounting ha ha ha ha ha ha ha scorer 6 my cat, buy cat litter, buy cat food, buy a Cat sand basin is enough. I think it is to keep a cat only, do not have all day to worry about the nerve that worry about that. Spent more than forty to buy a cat sand basin, and then buy cat litter is expensive, more than a hundred bags, mainly very convenient, some cat litter cheap, but very difficult to use, especially for the first time to buy the crystal, Smelly home. Cat food is also a good buy, more than four hundred dollars, two pounds. My cat more than eat cat food I often mix porridge porridge rice to it. So count down a month also a hundred dollars. 2017-03-07626 Tan Yuexi is a Kaoyan single rabbit 4 to buy a cat five dollars, bath 20, the things that have been destroyed add up to tens of thousands. (Microblogging: nonsense) 2016-05-2641 cat dink cat slaves 4 have two main masters are a month when the door into the door a one year old one month five months cat food: short feed A pack of the United States and a pack of goods is now a fixed Pu Su Su high 15 pounds 340 yuan or so a treasure to buy two can eat about two months Note: the grain stored in the storage barrels Alice's storage barrels about 60 yuan Cat cans: two cans of the two cans a week staple food stove is meow and snow mountain snack cans are gentry and meow dawn or fishery meow da staple food a pot of 10 yuan or so a snow cans a pot of 12 yuan or so gentry 24 cans 130 yuan meow Snack fishing are 24 cans not more than one hundred dollars only to cheat the master drink water cat litter: two cat toilet a single layer of a double layer with lc green tea double with Alice pine lc are three packs of three packs Buy three packs of 99 yuan can be used for more than two months Alice pine three packs of three or four packs can be used three or four months are hoarding sixty-seven cat litter at home double toilet but also with the use of two sets of diapers Silk diaper 50 yuan can be used for four months Note: two toilets to buy 150 yuan health products: the United States green cross hair 40 bottles can eat half a month Piece of 100 pieces of 18 yuan can eat three months of my family health food to eat less snacks: small fish dry chicken meat is a few dollars a pack of the general to buy a ten packs of nails when the reward with ten packets You can eat three or four months it body: large cat has sterilized spend 600 yuan vaccine 200 physical examination 450 vaccine and physical examination is once a year the kitten next month sterilization vaccine has to spend 200 yuan usually sick no basic in vivo insecticide: a Thai production Bayer 13 yuan three months to eat a blessing to forget how much money should be more than 40 bottles of a bottle can be used for a year because my cat does not go out so it is generally two or three months before driving a piecemeal: Nest toys what add up to two or three hundred it is a one-time investment can be used for a long time there is sterilization or illness is to eat the cans of the cans 17.5 yuan a can and Chun Bao nutrition cream 79 a The two is a spare about a month or so about 400 is not good or not agree very much agree with an answer to keep a cat can keep a hundred can also keep you how to keep the above consumption are two cat As a benchmark to write Thank you for your first answer in 2016-0 4-07413 Huaguo Mountain Earl famous first demon 4 hours old grandmother has a cat called the cat Nini, only feed it every day leftovers, but also thrive, then it ran. 2016-02-1242 more 1 to be folded (why?) Download the client and the world knowledge, experience and insights related issues Chinese pastoral cat's value can be high? 3316 compared to the beginning of the door, you adopted the stray animals now have what changes? 2814 Can a cat and a dog be raised together? why? 1089 What stories are you worth talking about with meowers or the stars? 522 how to deal with the cat's gift? 414 related Live recommended qualified cat slaves keep in mind

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